Sunday, April 10, 2005

i guess i left myself wide open to this
From: Mr West
To: bjland
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2005 00:26:43 -0700

"What would you say about a guy who posts this pic on a certain M4M site, but isn't really into spanking, paddling, or buttfucking?"
(note: from my Friday post)
I'd say that the dude probably loves having his butt rimmed big time, like hours of tongue work up and down his hairy crack. probably intense finger wave action. I'd say that dude probably loves having another DUDE hold those cheeks apart, exposing the inner pinkness to heavy spit action and tongue raping of his hole.
that's what I'd say from those pictures of a dude from a certain site. Tho' with a FINE ass like that & he didn't enjoy getting it seriously tapped...well, that's a crying shame. (BTW the furriness of the dude is fucking HOT)

Not to put the guy on the spot or anything (I erased his name, didn't I?) - after all, the email made me ROCKHARDINAFUNKYPLACE - but the only real problem i have with his response is the "tongue raping" - Something to do with my many many hours watching Law & Order (the second best show on TV) - the whole consent thing takes away the appropriateness of the use of that word.... Meanwhile - "getting seriously tapped" ---- what can I say? After that hot kid did it last week, let's just say Im open to shifting my position on that topic.

p.s. the El Paso disc has been wrapped up for a young man in Canada (shhhhhh, don't tell customs) and should get shipped Monday. Not to worry, I'll be giving more away all month long (OK, so I give it away as often as I can anyway, but you know what I mean.....)