Wednesday, April 20, 2005

My Dog Eats Beats
A few weeks ago I mentioned how much i love Bjork's Heirloom and got a friendly email recommending I check out the original track for the tune - Crabcraft. I had heard/read that she used someone else's song for the music, but not until I heard it myself had I realized that it is indeed 99% the same (musically - Crabcraft contains no vocals/lyrics) - and quite interesting to listen to, after nearly 4 years of enjoying her version. This made me want to find more from the same group - Console - and I think this little tune from the same album is pretty fantastic - My Dog Eats Beats. (note: I began to watch the video for the tune on their website, but after a week of enjoying the song on its own, I could see that the video would put different images in my head than my own imagination, so I stopped after 15 seconds.)