Thursday, April 21, 2005


directed by: Marcus Strong, IV (1990)

Starring: David Dean, Danny Brown (aka Dany Brown), Brett Williams, Shannon, Steve Knight, Juan Montoya, Larry Bert, Marc Radcliff, Dexter Hill

Y'all know that by the mid 80's, most porno was being shot on video. Most households had VCR's, and the adult video business was booming. The pressure to churn out as much filth as possible was high, and production values, and costs, went down. By the end of the 80's, there were 10's of thousands of poor quality, shot-in-one-day adult videos, and of course the gay segment of the business was no exception. This little movie might be called "pre-condom" if one were selling it on eBay (and I am, and it is listed that way), despite the fact that it was made in 1990, long after we all knew you should ALWAYS were a condom when fucking. The "pre-condom era" ought to be stuff made no later than 84 or 85, but even Falcon and other major studios were churning out the stuff as late as 1988 and 89.

Blah blah blah.... Meanwhile, back to this little "gem" - if you like bad 80's hair, Casio-keyboard soundtracks, no-condom fucking, and a bit of "roughtrade" I only like girls but your ass will do dirty talk (last scene), you might dig this one.