Tuesday, April 26, 2005

in praise of (nearly) hairless muscley strawberry blond pornomen

Director: Steven Scarborough (1996)

Starring: Mark Baxter, Todd Gibbs, Adriano Marquez, Luc Russell, Hunter Scott, Steve O'Donnell, Kyle Brandon, Rick Mathews, Kurt Houston, and Sean Dickson.

Ahhhhhhh, Todd Gibbs. Not a bear, barely a hair on his body, or even his face ferchrissakes, but, alas, what I wouldn't do to bury my hungry face in his musclebutt! This is a clip from his first movie, Raw Material. One teeny tiny flaw, not his fault, but who-the-fuck thought to trim his pubes??? Beautiful red crotch hairs getting the buzz treatment - GEEzus! Like this guy's few hairs could get in the way of that hugethickmeat! I remember seeing him on the street once, late 90's, walking down Broadway near 23rd. Drool falling out of my mouth onto the pavement, it took me a moment to realize who this pink alabaster (shirtless, even!) god was. Even handsomer in person, I momentarily considered saying something, anything, but his musclelegs carried him away too quickly, as I watched the rhythm of his thighs and ass lull me into a bigger grin. He went on to even better performances (movie-wise, that is) like the starring role in The Road Home, and that hot scene in Descent where he's tied up, along with MyAlmightyGod Aiden Shaw and some other dude. Alas, he seems to have appeared in only a total of 5 movies (the others were Falcon's Code of Conduct and a low-budget one, The Price of Manhattan, under the name Ethan Parks.) But just watch the way his cock bounces up and down while lucky Mark Baxter (no chopped liver himself!) attacks him from behind..... gotta go!

Selling my VHS copy - auction ends Wednesday afternoon