Tuesday, April 05, 2005

they just don't make movies like that anymore....

"Billy, show Mr. Acropolis your beautiful tool."

directed by: Warren Stephens (1973)

Starring: Jimmy Hughes, Jon Steele, Ted Lee, Rudy Thomas Foley, Ace Angel, Steve Nelson, Joe Daniels, Terry Samson, Dan Bach, Davy, Bob Wright, James Heliton, Gene Drake, Sean Johnson

This one is a keeper. I've been contemplating selling it, but hell no! Great, great soundtrack, chase scenes (cars, on top of trains, and thru the suburbs on what looks like L.A. to me), fanfuckintastic 70's clothes, light bondage, over the top Evil Queen villain, and.... oh yeah, sex! Hot stud Jimmy Hughes (Mr. Gay Universe) stars as a, a, um, spy-type guy - Johnny Acropolis - in this funtastic "sexual thriller" from Jaguar Productions. As the Bijou Video review points out, the opening sequence alone makes this a stand-out.