Thursday, April 28, 2005

"music to me is the proof of the existence of god"
From: "R M"
To: bruce*******
Subject: Saw you on BMB
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 12:33:52

hey guy, wow, man you are dynamite hot...will be in manhattan friday morning/noon....would love to meet up for some hot no hassle one on one....from what i have seen and read, i think we would really ignite if we got together...some intense and hot fun....and see where things go...

Let's see, I'm not "bruce" nor is my email address "bruce*******" (exactly how many guys did you send this exact same forwarded message to today, and since it's inception, dated Mon, 10 Jan 2005 11:36:13???), and if you actually READ my BMB profile, you'd see that the only kind of sex I enjoy is FULL OF HASSLE! And another thing you dumbf......

and then WINAMP kicks in, playing one of the songs I was struggling to download this morning, but as it turns out, not this weird electro-remix of Blondie's Sunday Girl (which I now suspect might've been a mash-up) I heard out late last night, but instead, something from the SUNDAY GIRLS, and, listening to Tomoko Takagaki, Aisa Senda, Mai Satou, & Chika Goshima, I stop typing my sarcastic irate email, and delete the whole thing as I begin whistling along (you should try it, it's VERY theraputic).....

Of course, I felt like something a bit more, um, less, um, poppy and more, um, soaring and springlike and soulful and, well, you get the idea, so into the 1 Giant Leap folder for Daphne.