Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Director: Brad Braverman (1995)

Starring: (from FETISH:) Dolph Knight, Rod Abbott, Sean Hunter, Chad Knight, Nick Romano, Jason Ross, Kevin Ross, Les Stine;(from RAWSHOCK:) Alex Wild, Coy Dekker, Craig Giant, Ken Dahl, Marc Saber, and Michaeljohn; (from Dis-connected:) Aiden Shaw, Mark Steel, Randy White, Wes Daniels, Shane Gear, Bill Marlowe, Brian Harris, Rob Cryston; (from HUSH:) Aiden Shaw, Alex Wild, Clint Benedict, Craig Giant, Curt Camden, Marc Saber

I first saw one of Brad Braverman's videos about 10 years ago because, of course, AIDEN SHAW (god) was in one. Vampire fangs, poetry written on bodies, something like that - erotic, different, a bit pensive and.... oh, anyway..... VIDEO STILLS and clicky-click to see movieclip means BJ is selling something and he wants you to get charged up looking and then go over to eBay and clicky-click some numbers. I'm selling an OOP (Out Of Print) copy (in box - woo-hoo!!) of what might've been his last film - RAWSHOCK (1995) - Pissed was made in the same year, so might really be the last one, but (for now, anyway) I am keeping that.

"Man shares an afternoon of passion with his lover - or is that his pit bull? - on a couch. Guy gets slapped around then raped - or is that loved? - by his boyfriend. Fellow strokes his lover - who's lying dead in a hospital bed.'That's my ultimate seduction: getting someone to watch an act of necrophilia,' says artist/ graphic designer/ erotic film maker Bradley Braverman." - see the rest of the Brad Braverman piece here. Meahwhile, I'm selling RAWSHOCK on eBay; and you can look at a promo video encompassing most of his (I think) five videos by....