Friday, April 07, 2006

i thought i was supposed to be getting those other videos clips ready... (I am, I am; not to worry) Why am i up so early, and why am i so happy??? let's see, there's the now twice-weekly stop at Trader Joe's on 14th st (frozen latkes, or Key Lime Cheesecake for breakfast?), the rediscovery of one of the best websites on the, um, web - bjork remix web archive - for example: Venus As A Boy - Always On Top Remix (not to worry, I donated a few bucks for their bandwidth, and this tune is coming off my bandwidth); some emails from folks saying HAPPY 5th ANNIVERSARY, which of course is way way way cool; and not to mention a night with the handsomest, sweetest man on the planet, my goofy boyfriend.

OK, so you might think i shouldn't add "goofy" to my description, but picture this: Late in the night, I'm sleeping in his bed, and feel what I think is a buttmassage. Nice, firm strong hands on my, ya know, and then a funny feeling that I realize is... What the F%&K are you DOING!!??? and his giggling uncontrollably as he continues his evil plan.. Stop THONGIFYING my underwear, you f%^kin' PERVERT!! - the crazy man is hiking up the seat of my white briefs into my ass to create a friggin' thongeffect as I leap out of bed as my only defense (he's bigger than me). It must be five in the morning, and he's laughing his ass off, knowing I have this (quite rational) fear of thongs. SHHHEEEESH!