Thursday, April 06, 2006

Someone warned me many months ago that if my relationship got serious, my blog would get boring (some are saying: GET?...heehee!); well, the relationship is serious, and there may well be some truth to that prediction. But hell, when I started this some 5 years ago ( 5th anniversary will be tomorrow, the 7th!!), who knew it would last so long, and take up so much of my free time. The idea way back when was to talk about porno, which I think I still do an adequate job of. But then the ramblings about my sex life, lack of love life, and the occasional rant on injustices like Matthew Limon and gay adoption popped up between the hairy ass pics and video clips. Perhaps a bit unfocused and erratic, but hey..... gosh, this spring air (after yesterday's "snowstorm") must be getting me all philosophical. Not to worry, the porno clips are on their way

Coming up - clips from Jack Deveau's 1974 Drive (with Christopher Rage in drag); Tony Prince's Rawhide - one of the earliest pornomovies shot-on-video (1981), and Roger Earl's 1975 S & M classic, Born To Raise Hell. Oh yeah, and I'll try to get something from Richard Locke's last film, the OOP (Out Of Print) classic Daddy Dearest. Yes, either they are on sale now over in my eBay auctions, or will be soon. (And someone please explain to me why BLOGGER's spellcheck doesn't recognize the word 'blog'!)