Thursday, April 20, 2006

nice package

I'm at the post office, checking my box for pornochecks, and have a notice that i have two packages! Yeah - I am expecting 3, 2 of which i know are on the way as my check has cleared my bank, blah blah blah. But then I see the shape of the boxes as the clerk is bringing them out to me, and feel disappointed. No big box of videos; a box with a book for Mom, and one odd Priority Mail box that is too big for the single video I am expecting, and way way too small for the big box of videos I was hoping would arrive.

But, as I get the boxes, I see the return address, a pal I affectionately refer to as "perma-bulge" as he has sent me many packages before, most notably used swimgear, jocks, and other such sexy stuff that has, well, a permanent worn-in bulge in the crotch that can be a bit intimidating when you don't quite fill it! SO I rush home with the heavy box wondering what it is (he's also sent videos, etc that he's tired of...). When I get home I quickly rip it open and - BOOM! a box of magazines, about a dozen COLT's, a few Mandates, even some COLT photo-sets! And there, as I quickly sort thru, looking up at me with those sultry, questioning Cuban eyes, one eyebrow slightly arched, is my man - the one and only BRUNO. A Mandate issue from 1983, promising exclusive new pics from his first photo session in 4 years!

Now, as I am panting and breathing heavy, of course I realize these photos I've seen before. Back when I first got a home computer and first went on the internet, it wasn't long before I realize I could easily access porn. I have a BRUNO File Folder with over a 100 pics, many from those first few months online, hunting for hairy naked man-pics. Ahhhhhh. Familiar and reassuring as they are, just holding them so close, no silly computer screen low-res images, but here, mass produced for thousands of fans, 11 pages of hairyheaven, I feel a new appreciation for those hairy forearms, those grabable pecs, and that thick, thick, edible.........

beard! OH-MY-GOD! are these the only pics of him with that amazing facerug?? GRRRRRR!howlGRRRRwoof!