Thursday, April 27, 2006

handsomest man in one of my favorite films

I've seen this film many many times over the years, and I still can't get over how little screen time this gorgeous cub gets. Looking the scene over again today (hoping to post a clip later, or tomorrow) I can see that, despite my personally preferences to see more of this guy, thematically, it works. He's in a sex club, casually getting some water when he sees another handsome, bearded guy (the star of the film). But the other guy, while smiling back, doesn't get interested right away; instead he goes after a pair of faceless muscle queens, kneeling before them and gobbling up their thick hard cocks. Meanwhile, our little cub here pops into the hot tub, still no action, then gets out and bends over the tub, showing off one of the cutest asses I've seen in awhile (on film, that is). Finally the other guy comes over, and buries his face in cub-ass, then tops him. BUT ---- GRRRRRRRR! he's so uinterested in this cub, he even imagines he's topping someone else (the other main star of the film, handsome and all, but still...) Anyway, it works with the theme - basically that the CHASE is what matters here, and gay men are so fickle that they lose interest as soon as they've obtained the object of their affections.... but still, we don't even get to see this hot little hairy cub pop his load!!! - and I don't think he's ever done another film! GRRRRRR!!!