Thursday, April 06, 2006


Director: Tony Prince (1981)

Starring: J.W. King, Chris Burns, Todd Marshall, Ray Medina (AKA Julio Campas, R.W. Stone), Sky Dawson, Mike Kelly (aka Eric Stryker, Noel Kemp)

you know the story - poor little country boy (Chris "I've never met a dildo I couldn't take" Burns) gets nabbed by three farmhands who need to get their rocks off. Now, when you've got the likes of Ray Medina (who you all remember from his kneeling in front of Jack Wrangler role in Steve Scott's Wanted, his dancing bit in the 1983 Roger Earl classic Gayracula, and that Colt short film he did, the name escapes me.... oooh, oooh, The Big Box), and Sky Dawson (who you remember from the FALCON classics Champs, Biker's Liberty, and of course, one of my top ten faves, Al Parker's 1982 film, Turned On) - um, what was I saying? Oh yeah, you're the captured bottom boy, and Ray Medina and Sky Dawson (and some other guy who, well, let's be nice..) are "forcing you" to suck, get sucked, and get f**ked on the floor of a barn. If you are the likes of Chris Burns, you have to pretend to just hate it, and moan until you wanna slap the crap out of him (I blame that on the director). You might want to turn down the sound.

Yes, yes, I'm selling on eBay. It's a cool little film, and after the 3 men have their way with him, poor Chris is then set upon by the boss, J. W. King, who is his usual passionate self. Also included on this tape is a 15 minute lockerroom scene between J. W. and I-can't-decide-on-my-porno-name Mike Kelly, er, Eric Stryker, errrr Noel Kemp. Hot little blond muscle body, whatever he wants you to call him!