Sunday, July 21, 2002

Another Saturday Night...

OnlineHost: *** You are in "Town Square - m4mnyc". ***

N4visit: Looking now. Like to party. cool guy here can get adventerous. : )
Bjland7820: bring beer.
N4visit: k
Lieberschwan38: hey guys
N4visit: have gatoraid.
Bjland7820: and pizza
Ivyhung: Any amazing cock suckers who like thick meat im me
Bjland7820: yeah, you bring beer, too
Mklanjello: don't forget the chips-n-dip
Bjland7820: beer, pizza, cock
GothamPlaya: LOL
Bjland7820: anythign else is gravy........
Mklanjello: mmm... gravy
Joeynyc31: 31yo vers guy lookin to meet
Joeynyc31: pic in profile
Bjland7820: mmmmmmmm
Bjland7820: bring beer
GothamPlaya: lol
Bjland7820: hey!
Bjland7820: you're beinging beer, too
GothamPlaya: who me ?I'm not going
Bjland7820: naw, yer coming
GothamPlaya: well if I come it's just to pick up some beer that you've been collecting then leaving
Bjland7820: works for me, man
GothamPlaya: I had a feeling it would