Monday, July 22, 2002

random thoughts
- (i guess that's what I usually do anyway, but it feels more disconnected and arbitrary this morning).
  • During the actual morning, a vague smell of something burning, and men talking loudly - the empty lot next door, which is supposed to be turning into a garden, had several men (sorry, even without my glasses on I could tell they weren't fantasy material), some wrapped-up shrubs, and a bunch of discarded-looking chairs; maybe they're gonna do a movie/tv shoot?
  • no f&*kin' half-and-half in the house, and no soy milk or anything dairyish except cheese (no, I didn't) so I had only 1/3 cup of coffee before getting my lazy ass out the door. 2pm, in line at Key Food, I realized I hadn't even brushed my teeth. (No-Boyfriend reason #14,292).
  • no beer or any other type of alcohol to explain this hangover, must be the combination of weed, someone's crotch in my face, and then popcorn/cereal/and god-knows-what before finally falling asleep around 4am.
  • ok, I'm totally distracted now, in the middle of typing, I get an email discussing the finer points of Tim Kincaid's (schocky horror/teen movies by "Joe Gage", like Bad Girls Dormitory, Robot Holocost, etc) films
  • where was I? oh yeah. it was pretty dark, but I turned to see a rather handsome man smiling right at me, an unusual event in the backroom (the smiling, that is; well, actually, the handsomness as well). Somehow, what little light there was back there was hitting both of us in the face just enough to make out facial hair, smiles, and nice eyes. He looked like a nerdy NYU gradstudent type, really skinny. I reached for his neck and brought him in, and we did some light kissing, then a lot of above-the waist touching and groping, and then he seemd to look much older, and I wasn't sure how old he might be, but he had an unusually affectionate manner for the backroom, which I returned in kind, of course. He asked about leaving; he was light enough that the bike ride home barely affected my calves (and I warned him not to get the wrong idea, with him sitting on the bike seat, and me pedaling, resting my ass on his crotch, going up and down as I pedaled), him holding me firmly from behind, he arms wrapped snuggly around my waist.
  • oh yeah, Y/O/K/O - dont want Google to pick up that I'm posting her new (S/u/p/e/r/c/h/u/m/b/o) remix (below), as I got way too much activity from Google and Yahoo searches when I did the Amos song.
  • Williamsburg tonight! Food, cute men ( well, food with a cute man, who told me I will also see other cute men on my way to the meeting place, as well as in the meeting place, and maybe some other places... I'm not even making sense to myself....) and some bar with a HOT deejay.
  • is it unethical to turn off your WinMX program while someone is downloading a full album (one that you also downloaded from WinMX)? - estimated download time: 133:12:42