Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Watch Out. The BAD BAD BOYS are coming
In and out of jail, in and out of trouble, and in and out of each other's pants; the Bad Bad Boys are up to no good, and no good is what it's all about.

From director Lancer Brooks (aka Tom DeSimone) a fantastic film (which I don't have a copy of, grrrrrrrrrrr) about some street toughs who spend a lot more time having sex than doing what you'd expect from a street gang (I'm not complaining!). Johnny Dawes' first feature film, he stars as the new kid, getting initiated (hmmmm, wonder what that involves). One of my favorite scenes, if memory serves me right, is when Rufus, whos' got a broken leg, f**ks this guy who's tied to a pole or beam or something. He stays "in character" the whole time, leaning on his crutch as he slams into the guy. But this trailer is probably even better than the film, with a great voiceover and a catchy, killer disco theme song.