Monday, July 15, 2002

Does this map make me look fat?

I got such cool stuff in the mail last week; Le Tigre's Feminist Sweepstakes and this very unexpected, fantastic, personal Guide To Springfield. Of couse, it figures that the 99 cent Porno Store is in my neighborhood, eh?

Last night. Oh yeah, I did make it out to the fundraiser thingee, and there were tons of drag queens, and several people in Bastille Day outfits (I'm trying to remember what Lady Godiva had to do with the French Revolution, one of my pals was staring at me blankly as I was trying to explain her story), the D J played very cool tunes, of course (Style Council, instrumental Clash, and something from that dead girl). The performances themselves were very very fun - the Glamazons- these 4 full-figured gals were just too much fun! And some Frenchy named Surge (or is that Serge?) did some sort of wild, beatnik-style interpretive dance up on the tiny stage; the Dazzle Dancers bumped and grinded (grinded?, ground? grund?) with a bunch of flashlights; and Linda Simpson was, as usual, a fantactic hostess for the evening. I wanted to continue, as all these freaks, er, celebutants, were heading over to Cheeze Whiz, but once I got home for a quick bite to eat at around 1:30, I didn't make it out again. And now? Where's the friggin' coffee, already!