Wednesday, July 03, 2002

ok, ok, so you know how you should NEVER jinx yourself by publicly saying something like "he wants to see me again before he leaves. Woah. He smells really good. He feels fantastic. He's a warm, affectionate slut!" like I did yesterday? That almost always puts the WHAMMY on things. Almost. Yup, he messaged me last night, and to make a long story very very short - it's midnight, my bike chain has fallen off as I am going downhill on Houston St. racing across town. I have to do a Fred Flintstone to stop the bike and fix it, my balls are dripping sweat by the time I make it to the West Village and grab the pint of ice cream I promised to deliver. We spent the whole night cuddling. I mean the whole night he never let go, it was sooooooo sweet!

ok, so enough of the boring stuff. I'm hoping to upload this video clip in a little while; I've given up on the Dykes on Bikes clip, especially since I saw the exact same footage on NY1 on Sunday night, it seems pointless for me to waste all that bandwidth when I have this really cool PORNO MOVIE TRAILER. It's a big file, 43mb's I think, and it's like 4 minutes long, but has a great disco them song, and the adorable Johnny Dawes doing unspeakable things, so............let me get working on that.