Thursday, July 18, 2002

Watching a bunch of Hand In Hand movie trailers last night, and "digitizing" a few for future postings, I wound up watching all of Jack Deveau's Drive starting last night, and finishing up this morning. But the trailer for Peter de Rome's Adam & Yves really grabbed me, so I've begun to watch it this morning. I hope to have the clip up later. Such an amazing filmmaker, too bad he only did a few full-length features; this one has a great poetic love-making scene, with a great voiceover poem, that must've been written by de Rome. Later, (I haven't gotten to it yet this morning, but saw it a year or two ago when I first acquired the video), there's a great all-black orgy scene that takes place in the Men's room of a Times Square movie theatre showing a blaxploitation film; great set-up as the men one by one leave the theatre proper and go downstairs to the bathroom, great mid 70's music (de Rome actually co-wrote one of the original tunes), and of course the outfits are wonderful!