Thursday, July 11, 2002

mood schwings
1 p.m. and I'm done with the first pot of coffee, don't yet feel awake, downloaded a few more songs from WinMX, am only on the C's on my blogreading list, and yes, I fixed my archives. I think that's enough for one day, eh? Ever see those pages that have those icky "mood-indicator" icons? I can't imagine being able to pick just one symbol to represent How I'm Doing, since by the time I pick one, that mood is gone - but what the hell, let's see if some music can do it - both each represents this morning's (yeah, I know it's after 1, gimmeafuckinbreakalready) mood as best as any 2 3 (see? can't even finish typing and I've moved on...) tunes could.
  • God Save The Queen 2002
  • Wild Horses
  • Pull Up To The Bumper