Thursday, July 04, 2002

As the 3rd cup of coffee tries its best to wake me up, I am slowly remembering July 3rd:
  • helping an ex to buy and install his first-ever air-conditioner
  • loosing 5 pounds in sweat building a windowsill frame out of scraps of wood in his 102 degree apartment
  • someone's teeth scraping on my cock in the dark
  • people dancing to bad music and not getting out of my way
  • cool song finally plays, and the nit-wits don't know how to dance to it
  • dollar draft beer(s)
  • something about making a quiche for tonight's rooftop viewing of FOURTH of JULY fireworks
  • bouncing up and down on my bike at 3 a.m. while still listening to the same Le Tigre CD for 3 days in a row
  • fantastic calamari/garlic pizza courtesy of grateful ex boyfriend
  • the most beautiful man in the world fixed my bike chain; but cautioned me that my ball-bearings might need some attention