Sunday, July 28, 2002

Nice package

Have I ever mentioned how much I love other guy's well-worn clothing? Hmmm. Maybe I should clarify that. I don't have a thing for just anything from just anybody, but more that I like the feel of well-worn cotton underwear, t-shirts, jeans, and that sort of thing that has been broken-in by someone I dig. Doesn't have to be a boyfriend (although I do have a small collection of favorites from ex's), it can be a good friend, or some cute man who's spent a few hours in my home (although they are less likely to part with their clothes, i've had a small amount of luck).

And over the past couple of years, I have actually been sent a few choice items - jockstraps, boxers, t-shirts, etc, - from pals I've met on-line, as well. Ooooh, in fact, while I am not really a shoe person (I like them fairly plain, basic, and prefer to be barefoot at home), about a year or two ago I was sent, among other things, cowboy boots! While not really a boot person per se, there is something rather awesome about grabbing your favorite jockstrap, slipping into cowboy boots with some good tunes playing, some weed, and a full length mirror and whacking off like a crazy man! Or so I've heard....... Anyway, while I was informed this week that I might be getting a package in the mail, I had forgotten that I told this particular sweatheart that I love broken-in boxers. You should have seen me in the park yesterday, opening the package, expecting a couple of pornos, and seeing, well, FEELING, 2 pairs of boxers! MMMMmmm. Needless to say, I rushed home to change into one pair, and had an excellent night's sleep in them, (still wearing, them, in fact) and am also enjoying the other little touches he enclosed. Thanks, dude!