Sunday, July 14, 2002

AOL profile, verbatim:

Member Name: Kevin
Location: Manhattan - Trump World Tower
Sex: Male
Marital Status: Got a Girlfriend - Cat's Away
Hobbies: Looking for hot straight guys who are young and hung and who've got a nice tough set of nuts and who can take it like a man when i punch you in the balls for no reason other than to get me hard cause it turns me on to suprise nail some dude in the sac :)
Computers: Needless to say i'm hung like a horse and got nuts of steel yo
Occupation: looking to hook up right now- esp with a dude who can teach me some basic introductory wrestling - dying to learn -
Personal Quote: into gettting my dick and nuts sucked real good and hard - love to see my balls in your mouth just don't bite them off just make me sorry i got em - into doing the same if you've got a nice package - dying for young hot boys with big dicks & low balls