Monday, June 16, 2003

And it's such a crime
How they waste their time
They can't get nowhere
They've all gone Beat Crazy
Beat Crazy

It's a beeee-utiful summer morning; the temperature and humidity dropped during the night, comfy cozy under the covers, purposefully going to bed early so I'd have some energy for today's tentative date in the park (same man as 2 weeks ago! - and yes, it's on). But when I woke up, I had this overwhelming need to hear Joe Jackson's Beat Crazy (title song from his 1980 album). The amazing thing about the music you listened to in college, years later, the song comes on, and you are up bouncing around, shouting the lyrics along with the singer (and many of the lyrics I actually shouted accurately!). Way back then, this was a favorite to open my radio show (3-1/2 years 10pm-1am, wednesday nites, WTOH Mobile, ALA - 10 watts!) at school, especially if it was directly following some nerdy-type sappy music show. I have no idea who's doing the main lyric (is it Jackson with a different voice?), but the best is the "uncredited" lyrics (can't find them anywhere on the web, and my album is..... arrrghghghghghh!H!HH gone!) Jackson is at his peak lyrically and voice-wise (voice-wise?). Well, just listened to it about 16 times, annoying the neighbors rather successfully, and time to clean the apartment and my own filthy body, in case the date wants to come back here before I head off to work this evening (wink, wink)

..... mods and rockers, and beatlefreaks, punks and skunks and kooks and geeks .....