Monday, June 09, 2003

I've been trying to do an underwear inventory this past weekend (a near-impossible task, as they are scattered amongst several drawers and a box or two), and i realized just how few briefs I have. But, lying there on the floor in a pile Sunday morning when it was time to get ready to work, figured I'd do the briefs-thing and remind myself what it's like. (The pic to the left here is old, about 10 pounds and 2 inches ago - but the Hanes are the same style.) I have to say, it's not bad for an occasional change of pace, the ball-hugging, the inching up your legs as you sit, or ride the bike. But I'm afraid, for the everyday, it's gotta be boxers - I love the feel of it all just hangin' and swayin' and bumping into each other as you go.
(Have I mentioned how unusually horny I've been lately?) And of course, for looking (well, maybe just feeling) sexy, it's still jockstraps - perfect for making your package look, well, like a nice big package! And of course the butt-straps are perfect for other activities when you still want to keep just a bit of clothing on.... oh, by the way, anyone out there got any unwanted COTTON jockstraps? (I know, I know, "unwanted cotton jockstraps" is probably just as likely as "old chocolate" - hardly likely) - but just in case, lemme know. The Champion brand one here to the right was donated by a wonderful gentleman, his name escapes me, of course (I'm an ungrateful dolt, what can I say?) - but it is my current fave (ask the gentlemen at House of Regrets), and this is a recent pic - notice the cropping off of the waist!)