Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Now, do I stay inside and compose some sort of post explaining why I was up til 6 am, why the highlight of the (late) night was meeting, yet not "getting to know", monkeyboy at 3:20am on the 7th St side of Thompkins Square Park; how after at least 20 minutes of conversation I finally asked, and he finally rejected, so I biked over to House of Regrets where it was truly, truly a House of Regrets (you know, when all but 2 of the men there you wouldn't even consider sitting next to on a subway despite a hard long day at work?), and the other two quickly paired up and made lots of envy-enducing noises in their little booth; then fleeing around 10 of 5, realizing it could not possibly improve, enjoying the slow bike ride home and the blue sky, instinctively clicking on a chatroom, then letting the hunger I could satisfy on my own lead me to the kitchen??


do I get come clothes on, grab a paperback, and head to the park in the beautiful sunshine in the short time left of this day before reporting to work as Burrito-Pusherman, leaving you with this mere song, with no explanation or tie-in to why this song is here, other than to say it's great -- ESG's DANCE (ask Jocko for more info on this important early 80's trio and why everyone who's anyone in NYC will be at the show on June 21) and you ought to download it and crank your speakers.