Wednesday, June 11, 2003

"Your listing appears to offer PayPal as a payment option. PayPal will no longer be permitted in the Mature Audiences categories beginning June 12th, 2003. All Mature Audience listings which offer PayPal, or include PayPal banners or text, as of June 12th will be ended by eBay regardless of when they were listed."

That's the little ALERT you get when you try to post an auction on eBay in their adult section - they've been doing it for several weeks now. So I wonder what's gonna happen tonight at 3am (midnight PST)? (I mean besides me getting some hard thick cock in my face?) Are they really gonna end all those auctions? Just now I checked - 20,447 auctions under "Mature Audiences" when you search for "PAYPAL" - granted, hundreds (maybe thousands) will end tonight, but still, kinda interesting to see if they just end them all, actually READ the auctions that say they won't accept it any longer and leave them alone, or just wait for the inevitable ratfinks who will be searching the listings for violations, and just reacting to that?