Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Did I mention I saw Monkeyboy on my way to work yesterday? Sitting on a bench in the park, looking even better in daylight. A nice guy, clearly not interested in me in "that way." A brief chat, then off to work. Then I see someone in a chatroom earlier today, closeby, then seeing age (28) interests (feet, etc...) I put 2 and 2 together and message him. So, the best I can come up with is an offer to photograph him. He won't do the jockstraps (damn!) or speedos I suggested, but says he needs body shots, so lets see. So going back to the mention of him yesterday.

See, I went out at around 3 on Monday night, finally shaking enough of my cold to crave sex again. Rounding the corner at 7th, going up Avenue A, I spot him, I had seen him earlier in the day, and recognized him from an online chat a couple years back (yes, I thought he was that cute to remember; but NO, I will not dig thru my AOL pics files to find his pic). But going up the Avenue, me looking back, I see him looking back, as well. The usual, each guy still moving forward in opposite directions, but slower, and taking turns looking back. I stop, hop up over the curb onto the sidewalk, he's turned the corner, but I can see that he's still looking back, then finally stopping and leaning on the fence (some Patti Smith song starts going thru my head -- note to Jocko, it's spelled with an "i"). Blah blah I go back, we chat, he even shows his lightly furry, thoroughly lickable tummy (something about being out of shape (ha!) as a result of a 3-1/2 yr relationship, but single now). Anyhoo.... I mention that I remember him from AOL, he laughs when I tell him his old screenname. But, like I said, didn't get anywhere except for nice conversation and the chance to gaze at his very handsome face and cute body. He lives like 2 blocks from me, so as we're standing in front of his building, he politely rejects both options I propose to him (him showing me his, or me showing him my..... apartment), and we part.

Hence the mad dash to House of Regrets at 4am, and the indignity of unknown wet stuff on my left knee as I'm trying to make the best of someone talking dirty to me above, but barely audible - like "yeah boy, you like my mrghfph, doncha?" and "C'mon, you cvghphmoph, grgmomhdg my sdkiklgh." We both got bored soon enuf, and the pacing the halls resumed til 5. So, monkeyboy is no doubt sitting in the park right now, and I might just happen to pedal past, and oh my, I think I have my camera with me!