Friday, June 13, 2003

It's rained a helluva lot since taking this picture yesterday evening. While the quaility of this pic isn't so great, with the late day overcast sky not allowing for enough light for my cheap digital cam. But, the waterfront on the West Side is a very relaxing spot, and watching these guys float past, with the sounds of the river lapping against the new "piers", it was very relaxing.

Didn't get hardy any sleep last night; the storm - as well as overwhelming horniness coupled with a lethargy about doing anything about it - kept me going back and forth from the bed to the desk to the VCR. So, a big pot of coffee, and some household chores should keep my busy for the afternoon.

Oh, regarding tattooedloveboy from Wednesday night - he's not really a cocktease, in the generally accepted understanding of that term. He basically didn't even see me there, being as drunk as he was - he's just this incredibly, intimidatingly beautiful man; his slim hips, his low-riding well-worn jeans, unselfconsciously dancing in place to "80's newwave hits" blasting from the speakers, his very kissable neck displaying some sort of Asian character/letter; then finally his awkwardly shy realization that I was watching, the slight grin finally turning into a "hello" - but we got nowhere past the "how've you been, haven't seen you 'round lately" stage before his focus turned to another man, the lights cruelly turned up as the clock moved past 4 a.m.