Sunday, June 08, 2003

These I took last Thursday evening, after buying a few Drummer Magazines and some old paperbacks - this becoming my Thursday evening routine - see what I can get for a few bucks, stuff 'em in my backpack and then bike over to the West Side Piers (now called Hudson River Park). I must say, they're doing a nice job, planting trees, flowers. And when I got politely stopped by one of the Security guys to walk my bike, instead of riding it, while on the promenade, I didn't mind at all. There's still a bikeway/walkway closer to the West Side Highway, but they want it to be more peaceful and quiet at the water itself. It was good to walk, snapping a few pics looking out over the water, listening to the waves, reminding myself that I live on an island. I think they've retained the wood-pole things (whatever they're called, in the water, that used to support the old piers) for environmental reasons - some sort of animal life has grown quite accustomed to them being there, I think; and we get the benefit or having a bit of the old feel to the view. The pic below gives a bit more of a feel for the newer piers that are up; again, a nice job - benches, a lawn, tables - and some place in Jersey in the background. I wound up staying to see the sun nearly set, when it had gotten too dark to take pics without flash.