Thursday, June 05, 2003

No real relation to each other, these pics were in my "unsorted pics" folder. I tried fitting all my 8mm reels into one box, but it wouldn't work; and then last night I bid on, and won, even more! The pic on right, well, that's late one night after Phoenix, Cock, The Bar, and House of Regrets (which I have recently heard referred to as "The Cave"). Apparently some bars have these little place-savers for their smoking clientele (didn't realize adults needed to "save" their seats) - I wonder if it was wrong for me to take one? And I've noticed that a few of you have noticed that I have a "blog archives" link up at the top - yup, my 27th month, and you can cure any kind of insomnia by just skimming through any of those pages.