Sunday, June 01, 2003

Riciano [1:26 AM]: u like unct dick

I found that simple declarative statement on my computer screen late last night. Again I had left myself in some AOL chatroom, dozed off or watched TV, and sometime after the gentleman messaged me I saw it. Checking the time, I saw it had been an hour since he left it, so it was too late to respond. But he was still online, but somehow had wandered over to a BrooklynM4M room. His online pic was dark and a tad blurry, but under other circumstances (like earlier in the day, residing on the same island, and me being awake and responding within a few minutes of his initial contact), worth investigating.

Who am I kidding? I'm too much of a wise-ass. As my first reaction was to say "who told you?" or "depends who's body it's dangling off of". Now, given that this is online life, where things like HELLO, proper spelling, and punctuation are considered extraneous and somewhat bothersome, he perhaps was actually asking a question - i.e., whether or not I enjoy meat that is uncircumcised. But asking him to clarify that, I'd no doubt be accused of playing "AOL games" - whatever that is. Here's what I wish he had said:

Riciano [1:26 AM]: Hey BJ, I dig your profile, and your pic is hot! Do you like uncut cock? I would love to slap mine on your hairy chest as you grab my ass and pull my mouth towards yours. Ooops, am I coming on too strong? Well, sorry, you just got me hot - let me send you a clearer pic of myself (I know the one in my profile sucks), and if you dig me, maybe we could work something out.

Is that asking too much?