Monday, June 02, 2003

lazy lazy lazy. I think i had 3 beers, maybe 4, then the obligatory ice cream and onion & garlic potato chips in bed at 4 am (obviously, I was alone). Then the phone started ringing at like 8am! Sheeesh! Hang-ups, then eventually a message from a co-worker wanting me to come in to work. I didn't answer. More ringing, more hang-ups, another message from her. Later a message from the manager/boss, sheesh! Meanwhile, I had promised a man I would call him when I woke up, and we'd do something together. A South American man I met 4 or 5 weeks ago, who had called me about 3 weeks ago, but my crappy answering machine, which I still don't know how to use, erased the message. He called again Saturday, and I played the message back about 15 times, kinda sorta getting the phone number. I finally returned his call last night, and he wanted to get together, and today our schedules gave us some free time. We met at House of Regrets back then, did the slurpy slurp in a tiny booth, but after giving my phone number, I didn't realistically expect anything to happen (if I had a nickel for everytime I gave out my number, with no call...). But, despite me not calling him this morning (as I didn't get out of bed until 11:45), he called again, getting the machine. What an a-hole I am, not answering!! I called back a few minutes later, but got his machine, and went for more coffee. He called back, and I talked him into meeting me in the park at 2pm. Could be interesting, as I barely remember anything at all about his looks, and of course I only saw him under the darkest of circumstances many weeks ago. Should I bring my digital camera - would that be tacky, or could I do the old "I need to learn how to use this, smile!" line?