Tuesday, December 02, 2003

"I thought I was only doing 55, sir!"

Apparently I've been a bit too frugal with the bandwidth this month, and so I need to burn thru a bunch by this Sunday (but don't go posting pornoclip links on those message boards, OK?) I realize having another dupedpornovideo give-away asking you to merely guess the lead actor's identity is too easy, so to make it a bit more interesting, you'll need to correctly identify the hairy hunk cop, then tell me whether you want to top or bottom with him in a porno movie, and why (yes, you'll have to turn me on to win - duh; and no, I can't arrange for you to actually do a porno movie scene with him). Most importantly, the winner's entry will get published here, but no names. Then the winner gets to pick from this pile of garbage miscellaneous give-away porn I have by the desk. Submissions due by midnight Wednesday.