Wednesday, December 31, 2003


"Follow Max Montoya, Altomar's Latin superstar, from his career as a high fashion model to becoming a porn superstar."

directed by: Thor Johnson (1987)
Starring: Max Montoya, Brad Leatherwood, Ricardo Lama, Eric Rogers, and a host of Executive Daddies: Jimmy Gray, Buddy Masturs, and Mike Rexford.

The mid to late 80's were not, in my mind, a terribly great time for gay porno - cheap productions, the switch from film to videotape, clipped and shaved body parts, way too many limp dicks; not to mention the hesitation to show safer sex, and the inabilty to show safer sex in a hot way. But I digress, as usual. One exception to this trend towards bland sameness in the industry was ALTOMAR, which had plenty of interracial sex, lots of uncut meat, and perhaps more uniquely, mature men (over 50) and intergenerational sex. The best part was they did it with a sense of humor and a sense of playfulness that to me is what can make porno go beyond the 8-minute jerk-off prop that it too often is. OK, one glaring problem with the clip above, and I'd love to figure out which MAX MONOYA videos this isn't a problem - but his beautiful body hair is ALL SHAVED OFF! AAAARRRGGHHHH!!!