Sunday, December 07, 2003

It's Sunday night, I have his jockstrap in my hands. (Well, it's also in my face, being sniffed, but that's besides the point). I got it Friday night, at the local sexclub; as we were dressing and leaving, I mentioned how I didn't get one of their straps - I had asked for BOTH, and the one guy said I had to choose. I figured that would be tacky, picking one from a couple, so I decided against it. But as we were dressing, I playfully mentioned that I blew it, and now I have no jockstrap cuz I got greedy and wanted both. He slowly pulled his pants back down, pulled his shoes off, stepped out of the pants, then the strap, and handed it to me. Of course I immediately put it in my face, and the coatcheck boy gasped; I put it in my leatherjacket pocket, and coatcheckboy said "That is so hot!"

Well, it is and it isn't. I mean it is, but I'm kinda beyond a mere "hot" gesture. Those were the boys I re-met a few weeks back, who gave me their phone number. We talked a couple times on the phone, but my last call to their answering machine (2 weeks ago?) yielded no return call. Grrrr. I knew I shouldn't have gotten an answering machine just because of them! So, I was sorta giving up on them, and then they appeared late Friday night. Ultimately it was good hot sex, but it had too many starts and stops, and was a bit confusing to me.

The Hairyhispanic spotted me first, big kiss, grope grope grope, then he said he'd tell the other one. Smoothie appeared, kinda apologized for not calling back, kisskiss, grope grope, Hairyhispanic re-appears, a bit more, then he leaves! Soon Smoothie left, "gotta piss" or some lame excuse. Later I spot them going at it, and decide to leave them alone. Then I got blue. Sitting there in a sexclub, pining over some hot couple. How pathetic. I almost left, wondered what the etiquette was (do I have to say goodbye? if I don't am I rude? blah blah blah), but decided against it, and then saw them with another guy. I watched, got excited, and made my way over, and was welcomed in. Then Hairyhispanic leaves, then Smoothie, and I'm thinking - maybe it's some stupid drug thing where they can't stay focused.

Upstairs, a bit later, the 3 of us start up again; gets very heavy, very sweaty, and boom! Hairyhispanic mumbles something, walks away. Smoothie continues for a few minutes, but then seems distracted, and says he's gotta piss. I then decide to pry just a wee bit, and say "is he OK?" Smoothie tells me he'll find out. He doesn't actually come back, but I sit in that barbershop chair in the middle of the main room, and watch as Hairyhispanic walks past, and several yards behind is Smoothie. Back and forth several times. This time no acknowledgment of me; when they don't return for a while, my curiosity gets the better of me. When I find them, they are going at it by themselves, and I just stand at a distance; and then, after each notices me, they motion me over. Sloppy kissing, pushing my face into various parts of each other, then pushing my face into one, then another stranger's privates, back into sloppy face-to-face stuff, and Smoothie blasts a huge load all over my back. Hairyhispanic starts to walk away. WTF? He stops, turns, looks at me like "C'mon!" and I follow him up the stairs, he plops down on one of the couches, and pats the couch for me to sit between his beautiful thighs. More kissing, then shoving my face in his crotch, and by now he's really yanking on my beard. Smoothie reappears, plops down besides his boyfriend, they start to make out while Hairyhispanic is shoving and pushing and pulling on my head, face, and beard. He sounds like he's gonna pop, and I can't hold back anymore - I stand up just long enough to let them see me cum and he YEE-YANKS my beard back down, pulling real hard to get my face back under his balls, them SPLAT! all over me!

And then the tough part. I get pulled up off the floor, pulled in between them, and we sit cuddled up, me in the middle. And we talk about nothing for a while, gently stroking, an occasional kiss. And it just feels sooooo good. And yet, where do I really fit in in this picture? This has occupied my thoughts for the past 2 days. It's pretty nutty to get all emotionally involved in a couple, eh? But besides the obvious amazing attraction I have to each of them, and to them together, I actually like them. Not just the ego thing of them again saying nice things about me after the sex, but the sort of comfortableness I felt with them. And wanting to get to know them better. And the burning desire to spend a night with them, including sleeping. I'm sure that would be a disaster. Well, obviously I'm not sure it would be, cuz I wouldn't want it so bad. But that feeling of collapsing after cumming, and just lingering until sleep takes over. I'm sure I wouldn't get much sleep, but I'd totally enjoy watching each and both of them sleep. I sure miss that part of sleep-overs.

So anyway, I got dressed much faster than them, but stuck around and walked out with them. Even walked over to the deli with them; Hairyhispanic offers to buy me a snack, I decline. When we get outside, they're gonna take a cab uptown; me, I'm on foot (snow). I was gonna wait and see them into a cab, but realized I'm just prolonging the inevitable - me going home alone. I peck one on the cheek, then the other. Smoothie grabs me and gives me a huge firm hug, then his partner does as well.

It's nice. But I want more. I smile and walk up Avenue A.