Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Well, I think I'll be struggling with my Xmas mood swings well past the New Year. Monday afternoon I got some of my Xmas decorations down from the storage space. I didn't actually put anything up, but I have to admit, when I put the Santa hat on, I got sorta kinda happy, so I decided to wear it to work, and bring it to the company Holiday Party. I had many beers, several shots of some surprisingly smooth tequila, and took lots of pics of co-workers. The man to the right here is not a co-worker, he just happened to be walking by the restaurant during our party selling tacky Santa Hats (notice mine doesn't have flashing lit up stars on the brim - mine is quite, well, untacky). Somehow, around 2:30 my bike managed to get me home safely, even though I took a wrong turn and wound up at The Cock, but somehow sensible enough to know not to pay 5 bucks cover for a Monday night (I think it was their anniversary party, and may well have been worth it if I wasn't already one of those stumbling drunks we all know to avoid).

Yesterday was a long 9 hours working, kind of blurry, and today I was just heading back into bed at 12:30 in the afternoon, my mood back to a quiet contemplative sadness. But then a package arrives, looks like it's from my sister and her family - no doubt some sort of Xmas thing. Grrrrrr. I was really planning on spending the afternoon feeling sorry for myself, dammit!