Wednesday, December 03, 2003

"I'm just trying to come up with a reason other than you don't like homosexuals."

The early coverage on the Limon v. Kansas case seems to indicate that the outlook is good - although I must admit my heart sank when I read that it could be 60 days, or even longer, for a ruling to be issued, and further appeal is possible, (yes, I'm still naive enough to hope that a panel of judges would look at each other during oral argument and declare "This is outrageous! Set that young man free immediately!") - with one member of the three-judge panel hearing the arguments finding some of the State of Kansas's arguments for the huge discrepency in sentencing of same-sex vs. sex-discordant sex crimes "utterly rididulous."

check out some of the coverage for yourself:

  • Judge ridicules underage sex law
  • Judge Questions Harsher Punishment In Teen Sodomy Case
  • Topeka Capital-Journal's coverage seems to give the most detail (although their site seemed to be down as of 2:30 this morning) - as several of the online gaynews sites were relying heavily on their reporting.