Sunday, December 14, 2003

Saturday night was a post-anonymous-sex-depressed channel-flipping night of nothing. I ran into the Dynamic Duo (previouisly known as Hairyhispanic and Smoothie) Friday night - but that got as far as some extremely mild petting, bitching (them) about how too-crowded it was, and finally, them leaving and asking "Are you staying?" I held my tongue, wanting to say "Why would I want to stay amongst all these horny throbbing cocks and sweaty itching buttholes when I could go home to my cold and empty bed?" Instead I just made one last play for them, inviting them to my bed for pizza (Hairyhispanic was hungry, Smoothie was tired). It made them chuckle, but it did not elicit an actual answer. I stayed for a while, getting home just shy of 5 a.m., having done and seen enough to write a HONCHO magazine "article."

Of course, I'm being a bit over-dramitic. My bed is neither cold nor empty - it's positioned right next to the radiator; and at last count, it contained 5 pillows, 2 jockstraps, one laundry bag, some bills that I payed earlier this week (or last week), some boxer shorts, a small bag of tortilla chips, and 3 trusty remote controls. But after feeling so blue Saturday, contemplating the holidays, being permanently single, etc., why am I so ready to go out into this cold rainstorm, amongst all the slush and melted snow from this afternoon, and check out that sexclub again? Well, I know the Dynamic Duo won't be there (I've only ever seen them there on Fridays), and sometimes the bad weather can make the smaller crowd there a bit more interesting, and interested in each other. I'm trying to get just a bit of Holiday Cheer - hence the feeble attempt at decorating as shown in the pic (I swear I'll get out the other stuff, or at least some lights).