Friday, December 05, 2003


"The hottest gay movie palace in New York: orgy in the orchestra, ball in the balcony, or make-out in the men's room."

Filmed in Cruise-O-Rama, directed by Jack Deveau (1978).

One of my all-time favorites - corny humor (mostly from Jack Wrangler - "I'm in men's clothing"), disco soundtrack including Sylvester, even a storyline! A young college student is interning at the Adonis Theatre, "majoring in Bars & Baths, with a minor in Discos," so we see the goings-on of the theatre thru his eyes. Oh yeah, and HOT SEX! Excuse the quality - a bit dark, and their's a bit of a buzz to the sound.

Starring Jack Wrangler, Jayson MacBride, Geraldo, Tommy Ruscica, Malo, Big Al Little, Keith Strickland, Chris Michaels, Todd Tavers, Paul Maul, Eartha Hugee, Robert A. Glory, and Victor Williams. Plus Bill ELd, Lee Foster, Roger, and Mandingo (in scenes from Sex Magic) Myles Longue (a scene from Narcissus II) and Mark Woodward.