Thursday, December 11, 2003

Lesson #1: don't write about something that you want to happen just hours before, as it won't happen. Mr Right (aka burritoman) didn't show up for his wednesday burrito, goshdarnit. And to think that not only did I take a shower and wear my nicest black uniform shirt, but I also beaded and braided my beard. GRRRRRR.

So then, during a slower part of the work-evening, I realized that it's probably a bad time of year to ask some guy on a date, anyways. You can't do that 2 weeks before Xmas - too awkwark. You might not get that second date if one or both of you are worried about the gift-giving implications/expectations of a 2nd date prior to Xmas. And you can't have a date before New Years Eve, as there would then be the awkwark question of what each are doing on that silly holiday. Of course, then January rolls around, its too cold out to do anything, and before yo know it, it's spring and who wants to date when you just want to run around and smell the flowers and have sex in the bushes of the various Parks in NYC?