Tuesday, June 08, 2004

....in other news
"Just got back from the gym and I rode it hard and put it up wet. And it's on its way...!"

I'm still trying to work out the kinks, so-to-speak, of my LEND ME YOUR BOYFRIEND program. We all know the old cliche' about how all the good ones are taken; well, I'm beginning to believe it. So I figure, in the spirit of community, in the spirit of Gay Pride Month, in the spirit of "hey maybe my clinker of a boyfriend is hot cuz these other boys keep hitting on him," I'm trying to work out this share-your-boyfriend idea. It doesn't have to be actual sex, or even anything actually in person. It could just be your boyfriend, going to the gym, working up a good old fashioned sweat, and mailing me, BJ, his jockstrap.

If you are a partnered-up gay man who wants to participate, or you have a BF you're willing to share, (even if it's just a naughty pic or some recently worn clothing) you know how to reach me.