Tuesday, June 15, 2004

"it gets a lot bigger"
I had to laugh. I wasn't concerned at all about his dick size. But I pulled him to me, kissing him, his mouth, and his ear. I was too lost in thought about my own dick not 'performing' that I wasn't at all focused on what his was, or was not, doing. But the fact that he was cool enough to actually say something out loud to me.....

i think this is when i fell asleep last night, writing after he left. He was smart; he had work in the morning, we'd both been drinking, neither cock got beyond the half-mast postion, so he said he ought to get home. We kissed at the door, I raided the fridge, checked email, let the mood music I had programmed in Winamp to play out before resorting to tv. I think I'm going for a record here - actual physical contact with other men, 3 nights in a row, two of them in my own bed, and no one gets an orgasm.