Wednesday, June 09, 2004

He calls himself "BJ"...
(hehe.... they said BJ) What could be better than a porno mag saying some nice things about your little obsession, your website? Clearly, it's having a late 80's pic of one of the all-time most handsomest ever porno stars, Mr. Al Parker, accompanying the compliments, that's what!

I remember wondering why I was getting more hits on that page (a fairly poor index page, actually), and then a very nice guy instant messaged me about a week ago, telling me about it the UNZIPPED thing, and then offered to send me a copy of the mag so I could see for myself. Which was very nice of him - we all love free pron, don't we? And while it may sound like a shallow compliment, coming after the mag wrote the nice piece, but I have to say, that issue is packing some really nice meat!