Friday, June 04, 2004


directed by: Steve Scott (1983)

Starring: Al Parker, Leo Ford, Giorgio Canali, Mike Davis, Johnny Dawes, Jim Rogers, Ben Barker, Russ Franklin, Brian Nichols, and Shannon.

I guess I'm on a bit of a Steve Scott binge here lately. For those of you curious to know, the "cameo cock" in the GLORYHOLE_LUV clip last week was none other than Al Parker in the final scene from Mr. Scott's Dangerous. Fitting that in the beginning of this film, Games, Parker is servicing a fat piece of meat thru a cardboard hand-held glory hole. It makes a fantastic opening sequence, which is interrupted by a phone call, beginning the plot of the film. Photographer Parker is assigned to cover the first San Francisco Gay Games. One of my all-time favorite porno scenes is the fantasy sequence between Al and uncut Giorgio Canali (aka: Rocco Rizzoli), both slurping on each other's fat cocks, stuffing their faces in each other's beautiful asses (Al's face in Gorgio's ass "gets me" everytime!), and of course, playing hide the salami. Some of you may recognize the music used for the trailer. Of course, specializing in vintage porno movies, Bijou Video does have this video.