Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The first three are from a magazine called Deckhands, featuring Al Parker and Paul Barresi. It's an 'action' magazine, the photos taken from the mid-70's BRENTWOOD film Challenger. While Parker and Barresi don't appear together, it is Al's first film, and it's one of the few where Barresi is actually engaged in gay sex (if you call buttfucking a young smooth tattoed man, and having him eat your ass and lick your feet, gay sex). The fourth pic is from another magazine I must sell, called DUNE. It features the model shown, HAL DRAKE, and his partner CLINT ELY. Another 'action' magazine from a film, this one from JOCKS/FALCON, available on videtape (and no doubt DVD, I would hope) as part of FVP002 - Johnny Hardon & The Champs.