Thursday, June 03, 2004

The company he keeps

Now, don't go clicking the pics, there's no video linked; alas, I don't seem to have this in my collection anymore. Yesterday I got several emails with suggestions for clips, as well as some nice compliments on the clip below (you guys really jerk off at your desks?). One guy asked about the previously shown Matt Ramsey gets fucked by Rick Donovan, did I still have it, can I rerun the clip? Why do gayboys get all hot and bothered over the idea of a 'straight' huge-dicked porno star getting fucked by an even huger-dicked porno star and shooting an amazingly huge load? Anyways, it made me think that in my opinion, Mr Ramsey gets a much better fucking in an early 80's COLT/BUCKSHOT film, The Company We Keep. Here, hairy Brad Phillips (before his head hair got scarey, and his chest hair disappeared) is hitchhiking, and gets picked up by Matt Ramsey in his van. Matt shows his cock to Brad, Brad has a taste while Matt is still driving the van, but Matt has a hard time focusing on the driving (nice shots of the van swerving on the highway), so they pull off to the side of the road. Fantastic scene, including outside shots of the van bouncing up and down, traffic noises, and they take turns fucking. Of course, Matt "now that i'm str8 call me Peter North" Ramsey later claims that he never got fucked in The Bigger The Better, that a stunt-double was used (uh huh, like porno producers spent extra money on stunt men), not only clearly gets it in this scene, but his copious cumshot arrives while Brad is pounding happily away at his man-ass. And Brad's hairy chest looks so great with his sweat and his bottom boy's cum mixing together, don't ya think?