Friday, June 25, 2004

Thank god for out-of-towners. (I realized after posting this that the previous sentence has nothing to do with what follows. But the thought did come, after the 3 of us did, kicked out of that dark corner, standing in the bright lights of the post-4 a.m. Cock as the bearded man explained they were from Seattle, and his goateed partner took a turn in the bathroom) I haven't woken up enough to get to make this completely coherant, but here goes. The evening began around midnight, with me stuffing my self into leather pants, figuring I'd head over to The Eagle and enjoy the privilege of being with the other hot leather men. (Notice I didn't put privilege in quotes? and that I said other, which implies... oh, never mind). Ouch, I've definately put on weight, and that last snap just almost wouldn't... here we go, just don't exhale 'til you get home. So I sit down to pull my boots on and POP! the top snap goes. Then POP! POP! snaps two and three goes, my belly blocking my view of my now-exposed crotch. Oh, we’re done for. We’re done for. We’re done-diddidly done for. We’re done diddily doodily done diddily doodily done diddily doodily done for! BJ! Snap out of it! I finish booting up, stuff some keys and money in the tiny pockets, stuff my humongous manhood back inside (it's this cock, not the beerbelly, that's grown since last I wore these), and decide I just won't sit, bend, or breath all night. I head out the door, down the stairs, and pass the huge mirror in the first floor hallway on my way out. Hmmm. I walk a few steps back, and figure, what the hell, maybe the extra weight has made these look.... mmmmm, nice ass, I think, then giggle.