Wednesday, June 22, 2005

bits and pieces coming back to me (Tuesday Night)
Who am I kidding, I can't go out again, it'll be the 8th night in a row! Moments later, the doorman says hello, parts the shower-curtain entrance for me, nods as i pass by, leaving my 3 dollar admission in my pocket, not sure why I am getting in free. He sees me enough, he must have mistakenly thought I had already been in tonight. As I push my way towards the bar, a hat is placed on my head, I turn, the owner takes it back with a giggle, continuing to dance with his partner. I can't quite make it to the bar, several big guys are ordering drinks at this spot, so I fish in my pocket for some money. Looking up, the bar tender is reaching thru the men, handing me an ice cold Rolling Rock, smiling and waving away my money. (Sweetheart bartender anyway, so the freebie wasn't a surprise, but the pushing thru the guys was cool) Cold beer, loud music, haven't spent any money yet, and all the second hand smoke my all cotton clothing can absorb. Half-way thru this beer, I spot an old friend who I haven't seen out in a helluva long time (partnered, blah blah) so we start to catch up as he leads me to the bar for another beer (freebie!) OK, what's next, the roof gonna fall in? or is some tall goodlooking goateed man gonna chat me up, and finally I get to part with that five dollar bill in pocket for my 3rd beer? He brings back change! Then he leads me over to the couches, where we talk some more, and i finally grab his chin for the first of many kisses.

damn, I'm missing The Cock already....