Friday, June 17, 2005

NOT begging for emails, but
Ever write to some guy, asking a question or paying a compliment, and then never getting a response? Yeah, I know, I'm that guy. Many millions and billions of apologies if I neglected or forgot you. I'm diggin through some stuff, and found a t-shirt here, a video there, etc., that I KNOW, KNOW I promised someone, somewhere, some time ago, but which someone I can't for the life of me remember or trace back looking through old emails. So, if i owe you something, or you suspect some email got tossed in the SPAM folder, feel free to let me know. This is NOT an invite to make shit up (but go ahead, test my memory - wait, was that an invite?) cuz i ain't about to send some porno book to some guy who claims i owe him if it doesn't ring a bell with this old brain.

BTW, yes, that was me shirtless sitting at the bar when the lights came up last night this morning - but i had to - I had this gentleman's agreement with a buddy to always de-shirt when disco comes on (offer good only during Gay Pride Month, and outside of the states of Texas, Utah, and Idaho), and it was fuckin' LOVE HANGOVER ferchrissakes!

(oh, him? the boy up there on the right? he had to leave this morning(ish), but i got the pic before he finished dressing. lips like tequila, butt like....)