Sunday, June 05, 2005

where the F*CK is my editor?

I don't mind being corrected for stuff i get wrong - it happens all the time, of course. But the latest correction had me puzzled as I was told I got the lyrics for NATIVE NEW YORKER wrong. Going back to the post, reading re-reading the title tags several times (who the hell reads those, anyway) and comparing it to the angry emailer's email, I was certain I wasn't wrong. Then I kept reading, and saw my mistake was later - I got the name of Dennis Parker's song wrong - I mean, of course it wasn't the same, Native New Yorker - I got the actual correct song uploaded, New York By Night, but my lazy ass forgot to chance the name when I copied and pasted the HTML code.

Speaking of DISCO, I can't wait 'til SPERM's Grand Re-Opening Party at it's new location tonight. I think I mentioned the other day that MAN PARRISH won't be moving with the COCK to their new location' but is moving his SPERM PARTY to Club Opaline; 2 DJ's (I spotted the other DJ, Nikko, taking a cig break while setting up this afternoon) on 2 dance floors, a "dark lounge" and hehe, sorry, it's in the email, but it has me laughing as I type - CLEAN BATHROOMS - yeah, right! If ya gotta put that in the emails, you're just asking for us to dirty it up!